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Good Air Compressor Company is a major reciprocating air compressor manufacturer located in China.

Features of Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressor
1. Our oil free reciprocating air compressor adopts Anest Iwata compressor imported from Japan, so as to supply high quality oil free air.
2. The aluminum air cylinder is equipped for quick cooling. It has good heat dissipation, and can effectively expel heat.
3. The bearing and other main components are durable, as a result of good cooling effects.
4. The oil free reciprocating air compressor has high compression efficiency, so it can produce a large quantity of oil free air.
5. The anti-burning synthetic resin piston is durable and has good wear resistance. It even can continuously operate under high temperature. Besides, there is no need for closing ring. It should be stressed that the piston also helps to avoid overfiring, scratches and other faults of air compressor.
6. The pressure ring is made of high heat resistant and wear resistant Teflon resin materials.
7. High capacity air filter is equipped.
8. High wear resistant cylinder is adopted, and its surface is refined by special treatment.
9. The aluminum intercooler and secondary cooler with high cooling efficiency are installed in our oil free reciprocating air compressor.
10. The noise level of the oil free reciprocating air compressor is only 48Db (A).

Technical Parameters of Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressor
Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

Model Motor (Kw) (HP) Power Pressure (MPa) Air Displacement (L/min) Tank (L) Speed (R.P.M) Dimension (W*L*H) (mm) Weight (kg) Noise db(A)
TFPJ02-6 0.2(1/4) 1P/ 220V/50Hz 0.4~0.6 24 15 1430 420X330X625 20 61
Model Motor (Kw) (HP) Power Pressure (MPa) Air Displacement (L/min) Tank (L) Speed (R.P.M) Dimension (W*L*H) (mm) Weight (kg) Noise (db) (A)
TFPJ15-10 1.5(2) 3P 380V50Hz 0.8~1.0 160 95 1240 1400X390X855 105 71
TFPJ22-10 2.2(3) 235 1025 1400X420X870 120 71
TFPJ37-10 3.7(5) 370 1050 1400X425X930 135 75
TFPJ55-10 5.5(7.5) 580 250 940 1690X575X1150 250 75
TFPJ75-10 7.5(10) 825 960 1690X575X1140 280 76
TFPJ110-10 11(15) 1200 1100 1690X615X1140 310 79

Mute Oil Free Piston Compressor with Air Dryer

Model Motor (Kw) Power Supply Control Mode Pressure (MPa) Capacity (L/min) Air Tank (L) Air End Model Speed Min-1 (rpm) Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) Net Weight (kg) Noise (1.5m) Db(A)
CFPJ55-8.5D 5.5 3P 380V 50HZ Pressure Switch 0.65 ~ 0.85 565 195 F55P-10 940 1350×910
450 56
CFPJ75-8.5D 7.5 825 F75P-14 960 475 56
CFPJ110-8.5D 11 1140 F110P-14 1100 505 59
CFPJ55-14D 5.5 1.15 ~ 1.4 540 F55P-14 940 460 57
CFPJ75-14D 7.5 725 F75P-14 860 485 57
CFPJ110-14D 11 1055 F110P-14 970 515 60
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