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Using the computer optimization design, the crawler drilling rig is features of compact structure and good appearance. According to the functional layout, it is very convenient to install valves and handles.

Hydraulic transmission is adopted for our crawler drilling rig, which is energy saving, high efficiency, low noise and low cost. With the special structural design , this crawler drilling rig can achieve flank hole drilled chisel.

Technical Specifications of HC726A Crawler Drilling Rig

Model HC726A
Rock hardness f=6~20
Bore Dia.(mm) 90~130mm
Bore Depth(m) 20m
Mainframe Motor Power 40kw
Traveling Speed 2.0km/h
Stand-alone Climbing Ability 25°
Max. Hoisting Power(kn) 12kN
Working Pressure(Mpa) 0.7~1.4Mpa
Air Consumption(m3 /min) 7~12m3/min
Rotation Speed (r/min) 0~70r/min
Rotation Twist 1800N·m
Mating Motive Power 40kW Diesel Engine or 22KW Electromotor
The Height Between The Earth and The Bottom of The Machine 300mm
Weight 4.2t
Propelling Length(mm) 2000
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