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The crawler drilling rig is equipped with safe and stable traveling system, powerful and reliable engine, and rotating system.

Features of HCM351 Crawler Drilling Rig
1. Our crawler drilling rig matches with medium or high-pressure air compressors, so it has high speed drilling capacity
2. Thanks to its flexible operating performance, higher production efficiency, compact structure, convenient manipulation, it is an ideal open-air drilling and blasting engineering equipment.
3. It can work with high-pressure movable screw compressor, this crawler drilling rig can drill the rock which diameter is 115mm and length is 200m-300m in one day.

Technical Specifications of HCM351 Crawler Drilling Rig

Model HCM351
Working Pressure(Mpa) 1.0~2.4MPa
Air Consumption (m3/min) 17~21m3/min
Impactor Match Standard DHD340 Select / Match DHD350
Traveling Speed(km/h) 3km/h
The Max. Level of Drilling 3300mm
The Min. Level of Drilling 254mm
The Process of Rotary Head Milling 4120mm
The Length of Drill Pipe 3000mm
The Compensate Length Of Carriage 1200mm
The Maximum Inclination of The Carriage 180°
The Maximum Pivot Angle of Drill Boom Rightwards 45°, leftwards 45°
Rotation Speed 0~70rpm
Rotation Twist 2000N·m
Climbing Ability 26°
Max. Clearance to Ground (mm) 254mm
Weight 5000kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 5900×2200×1950mm
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