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Anest Iwata Oil Free Air Compressor Factory Introduce
Japan Anest Iwata Group built in 1926, the main products are oilless scroll air compressor, oliless piston compressor, silent compressor, screw air compressor, Turbocharged Machine. Anest Iwata Group is the first invent oilless scroll air compressor, it get the International Patent and passed the ISO1400 ISO9001
Certificate. Anest Iwata oilless air compressor the market sharing is the first one in Japanes market.

Anest Iwata Group built Anest Iwata industrial machinery(jiaxing) Company Limited since 2002,which produce many kinds of air compressor, specially famous for oilless air compressor, widely used in Semiconductor, food, medical care and so on.

Anest Iwata Air Compressor Features
Silent: Low noise and Low Vibration: Silent operation and low vibration assure comfortable and quiet work space.
Clean: Clean Air 100% Oil-Free: Air exhausted from oil-type compressors contain oil, moisture and dust. Oil-free type compressors can supply clean air.
Safe: Safe Backup Function: Even if one air end fails, another air end automatically replaces it by jump control. Unmanned operation at night has become easy.
Easy: Easy to use Controls: High quality microcomputer is mounted. Maintenance monitor digitally displays operating conditions, warnings and cautions. Automatic power failures and reset function can be dealt with easily.

Smart: Compact and Smart design: There are no extruding handles on the back of machine. Its simple design and reduced installation space required allows it to fit well in any office.
Environment: Energy Saving
Multi-stage Control: Plural air ends are built into one compressor. Multi-stage control system activates in accordance with air consumption and selects optimum number of air ends required to achieve highest energy saving operation available.
Energy-saving Control System: When air consumption greatly fluctuates, selection of compressor control system makes a big difference on the energy consumption of your compressor

Compression principle of oil-free scroll compressors
As the orbiting scroll orbits from the No.1 position to the No.4 position, air is forced through the scroll components and compressed through the outlet in the centre.

Anest Iwata Air Compressor Specifications

Model Motor (Kw) Pressure (MPa) Air Displacement (L/min) Air Outlet Dimension (W*L*H) (mm) Weight (kg) Noise (db) (A)
SLPJ-22B 2.2 0.65~0.8 240 Rc3/8 545*665*1065 130 49
SLPJ-37B 3.7 0.65~0.8 405 Rc3/8 545*665*1065 145 49
SLPJ-75B 3.7*2 0.6~0.75 810 Rc1 720*1140*1640 375 54
SLPJ-110B 3.7*3 0.6~0.75 1215 Rc1 720*1140*1640 435 56
SLPJ-150B 3.7*4 0.6~0.75 1620 Rc1 720*1140*1640 510 58
SLPJ-220B 3.7*6 0.6~0.7 2565 Rc1 1/2 1400*1140*1640 900 59
SLPJ-300B 3.7*8 0.6~0.7 3420 Rc1 1/2 1400*114081640 1050 60
Model Motor (Kw) (HP) Power Pressure (MPa) Air Displacement (L/min) Tank (L) Speed (R.P.M) Dimension (W*L*H) (mm) Weight (kg) Noise (db) (A)
CFPJ02-6 0.2(1/4) 1P/ 220V/50Hz 0.4~0.6 24 15 1430 320*690*725 55 48
CFPJ04-6 0.4/(1/2) 50 60 49
Model Motor (Kw) (HP) Power Pressure (MPa) Air Displacement (L/min) Tank (L) Speed (R.P.M) Dimension (W*L*H) (mm) Weight (kg) Noise (db) (A)
TFPJ02-6 0.2(1/4) 1P/ 220V/50Hz 0.4~0.6 24 15 1430 420*330*625 20 61
Model Motor (Kw) (HP) Power Pressure (MPa) Air Displacement (L/min) Tank (L) Speed (R.P.M) Dimension (W*L*H) (mm) Weight (kg) Noise (db) (A)
TFPJ15-10 1.5(2) 3P 380V50Hz 0.8~1.0 160 95 1240 1400*390*855 105 71
TFPJ22-10 2.2(3) 235 1025 1400*420*870 120 71
TFPJ37-10 3.7(5) 370 1050 1400*425*930 135 75
TFPJ55-10 5.5(7.5) 580 250 940 1690*575*1150 250 75
TFPJ75-10 7.5(10) 825 960 1690*575*1140 280 76
TFPJ110-10 11(15) 1200 1100 1690*615*1140 310 79
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