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  • Refrigerated Air Dryer Inlet temperature: ≤80℃.
    Cooling method: air cooling
    Ambient temperature: ≤38℃
    Design dew point: 2~ 10℃ ...
  • Adsorption Air Dryer Inlet temperature: 0~45℃
    Inlet oil content: ≤0.01ppm
    Working pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa
    Purge air: ≤12~15% ...
  • Air Tank Since inception, we are dedicated to providing our global customers with high quality air tank, filter, air dryer, and more.
    The detailed information about our air tank is specified in the following table. For further inquires, please contact us via email or contact addresses available on this website ...
  • Precision Filter E: solid particles: 3 μ, oil content: 5ppm
    D: solid particles: 0.1 μ, oil content: 1.0ppm
    C: solid particles: 0.01μ, oil content: 0.01ppm
    B: solid particles: ≤0.01μ, oil content: ≤0.01ppm ...

Good Air Company is a major compressed air purification equipment manufacturer based in China. We mainly produce air dryer, filter, air tank and cold air dryer. These products contribute to good compression effect of our air compressor.

The followings are the detailed information about air dryer, filter and our other compressed air purification equipment.

Air Dryer
As we known, when the air compressor operates, it begins to compress air. Meanwhile, the moisture in the air is compressed into droplets. Our air dryer is designed to dry these droplets, and thus guarantees the normal operation of pneumatic system. Besides, the air dryer also can be used to reduce the moisture of materials.

Our filter is free of oil corrosion and acid corrosion. It has good filtration effect and can effectively prevent liquid from sneaking into air stream. Besides, it is easy to clean.

Air Tank
The air tank is used to store or transport compressed air. It can reduce pressure fluctuation produced by discontinuous air output of air compressor, and thus realize the balance of air supply and air consumption. Furthermore, it can decrease the temperature of compressed air, and reduce load of desiccants and filter.

Cold Air Dryer
When the pressure of compressed air is in stable state, our cold air dryer can reduce moisture content of compressed air by decreasing its temperature. This guarantees the normal operation of pneumatic system.

Currently, due to reliable performance and competitive prices, our CE certified compressed air purification equipment is highly sought after by customers from Holland, Australia, UAE, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Paraguay, and more.

We also provide rotary screw air compressor, oil free air compressor and other air compressor for your choices. Please do contact Good Air Compressor Company, should you have any inquires about our compressed air purification equipment. We are competent and are your one stop shopping center for all your air compressor needs.

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