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Liuzhou Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1994 in Guangxi Province in China, Liuzhou Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise belonging to the Atlas Copco Group headquartered in Sweden. We manufacture and sell stationary and portable screw air compressors, and air treatment equipment under the Liutech brand on the Chinese market.

Liuzhou Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. combines European cutting edge technology with an understanding of China's unique market needs to develop machinery adapted to local conditions. Being the first licensed screw air compressor manufacturer in China, we are committed to delivering on our brand promise of "Excellence in Performance, Excellence in Quality" to continuously innovate and develop tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Liutech Portable Air Compressor Products Features
1. Compression Element
As we know, the element whose performance directly effects the operation and life of the machine is a heart of a rotary screw compressor.

The series compressors have the latest evolution of the asymmetrical profile rotary screw element provided by Atlas Copco Group.
The Airtec factory located in Antwerp is well-kwon as the largest compressor manufacturer in the world.
The two rotors with asymmetric profile, which have the same diameter, are mounted on high quality, low wear ball and roller bearings. The high degree of sealing and the fine tolerance level used in the element also guarantees even, in small power ranges:
Greater yield
High efficiency
Long life and high reliability
Constant, durable performance

2. Diesel Motor
The series compressors are powered by a diesel engine from Cummins with high reliability and long life, providing a reliable source of compressed air.
The diesel motor are specially designed for operating in engineering industry, which make sure portable air compressors stably and simply work under 3000 meters height above sea level.

3. Four Phased Fuel Filtration System
A highly efficient fuel filtration system installed on the portable air compressors: post filter, pre-filter and primary filter, secondary filter of water separator, providing the customer with high cleanness fuel and excellent performance.

4. Drive Transmission
The elastic coupling with high performance is of compact structure, simple intervention and long life, contributing to low operating cost.
Advanced gear wheel, provided by Atlas Copco, is particularly designed in accordance with AGM13 as standard, also suitable for heavy and severe duty.
The coupling connecting the element with the electric motor ensures high reliability and efficiency under any operating conditions.

5. Air Control and Adjustment System
The series compressors are equipped with imported unload valve, more efficient and economical than before.
It can perform the ON/OFF regulation or frequency conversion automatic flow regulation and diesel engine speed according to customers' requirements to improve the efficiency of whole machine and achieve energy conservation.

6. Cooler
Careful analysis of the flow of the air, as it is directed through, the principle components, contributes to maintaining the correct thermal balance of all internal parts of the machine, and ensures that the compressed air is distributed at optimum temperature. A correct low operating temperature guarantees dependable long-term operation.
The Air / Oil circuits are cooled by high efficiency aluminium a type cooler blocks, which has been designed with a large surface area for a maximum cooling efficiency.
Coolers blocks have been especially sized to reduce to the maximum temperature of both air and oil fluids for higher performance and expansion of components life time.

7. Air-Oil-Separator
The air quality of an oil lubricated air compressor is reliant on the scavenge system of the oil separator.
Air / Oil separator system of the series portable compressors is designed to provide low residual oil content (≤3 ppm) in the air entering the compressor network.

8. Electronic Controller
The electronic controller installed on the series compressors with high efficiency are specially designed for portable compressor.
The controller permits
Overall system performance status, protection shutdown, malfunction indication etc
Automatic malfunction protection, shutdown and indication:
exhaust temperature of engine, water temperature of engine, exhaust temperature of compressor, fuel level, pressure, working hours.

9. Environmental
LIUTECH's stringent manufacturing standards which follow the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 regulations for quality and environment assurance produce compressors that are made and tested to perform in the most demanding condition.

Liutech Portable Air Compressor Specifications

Model unit LUY025-7 LUY 055-7 LUY 079-7 LUY 085-14 LUY 108-7 LUY 118-7 LUY 100-10 LUY 100-12
Air flow 2.5 5.3 7.9 8.5 10.8 11.8 10 10
Working pressure Bar 7 7 7 14 7 7 10 12
Max working speed Rpm 3000 2750 2000 2300 2300 2200 2300 2300
Min working speed Rpm 2400 1850 1400 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Noise level Db(A) <70 <70 <80 <81 <81 <81 <81 <81
Fuel tank capacity L 32 80 185
Airout let valve inch 2×G3/4 3×G3/4 3×G3/4 1×G1 1/2
Length Mm 2729 3586 2862
Width Mm 1280 1400 1790
Height Mm 1205 1280 1908
Weight Kg 556 960 1500 1680
Engine type D1105 D2022L03 4BT3.9- C80 4BT3.9-C130 4BT3.9- C125 4BT3.9-C130
No. of Cylinder Piece 3 3 4 4 4 4
Rate power kw 19.4 36 60 97 93 97

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